A New Name for the Samsung Application Sore-Galaxy Apps

Samsung has decided that the time has come to bring something new for its clients. Thus, it rebranded its applications store and decided to make the switch from Samsung Apps to the more glamorous Galaxy App.

Samsung has brought in not only a new interface and name but also countless new applications that run only on mobile gadgets wearing the Samsung Galaxy touch. These have been categorized by the company in Best Picks, For Galaxy, Top and some others.

The category named “For Galaxy” is divided in four parts which offer the user several applications such as: Galaxy Specials, Applications for Professionals, Galaxy Gifts as well as Galaxy Essentials. The Specials have been made to be used mainly with Samsung SDKs.

The electronic company stated that the whole purpose of the Galaxy Apps is to provide the users with several options to customize the mobile gadgets they have in their possession. Moreover, they want to make a platform for making public their special promotions as well as deals.

This rebranding movement might diminish quite a bit the market sector that now belongs to Google Play. This might also be due to the fact that Samsung produces lots of Android gadgets that are very popular among users worldwide. In spite their cooperation in various domains, there is always room for some more cooperation in the world of hi-technology.

The new Samsung store, the Galaxy App, is going to start its activity on the 10th of July and soon it is going to be available to customers all over the globe.

Blockbuster “Snowpiercer” on Apple TV

If you are not already an Apple TV viewer you have now plenty of reasons to just love it. This is due to the fact that Apple TV has been upgraded with cloud delivered extras which make all the process of seeing a film much more interesting. Thus, viewers gain access to behind the scene shots and interviews of the cast members.

This is all the better since a new, much awaited and talked about production has just been released. Yes, we are talking about Snowpiercer. Caludia Puig has described the movie as being a very ambitious yet stylish science fiction epic. For the time being the film is in the middle of a quite limited US launch, but soon sci-fi fans will be able to buy the video version.

Snowpiercer was co-written and directed by Bong Joon-Ho, the South Korean director who put his finger print on Mother and The Host as well. The film is in fact an apocalyptic story (quite a fashionable theme these days) about the last survivors of the human race who are actually living on a train called the Snowpiercer, which moves around the globe but never stops.

The digital launch implies that this new Hollywood end-of-the-world drama would be available on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play as well as on Xbox and the Sony PlayStation. It will cost up to 6 US dollars to rent the video and up to 15 US dollars to buy it. The TV subscribers can enjoy the film on cable as well as on the satellite system.

Nonetheless, Apples really hopes that film fans will buy the high definition alternative of Snowpiercer which costs about 14.99 US dollars. This version is available on Apple TV since ii has some exclusive additional content, such as the interview with the number one star Chris Evans, and some other short videos related to the movie. The Apple offer also includes the film concept art.

The extras will definitely not bore the audience and they are by far shorter than people usually expect from a Blu-Ray Disc type launch. However, film enthusiasts love every single bit of extra content added to the film itself. Caroline McKenzie the marketing director of radius TWC, the company distributing the film, said that the launched had coincided extremely well with Snowpiercer because TWC was releasing in their platform at a time when the extras were brought forward.

The Apple upgrades for iTunes Extras allow film studios to add some new content to the actual film. McKenzie claims that there would be even more extras as the Blu-Ray release gets closer. She said it was in fact an extraordinary thing since Blu-rays and DVDS were put on the market as a fixed object. She added that viewers might really be delighted by the possibility to have some extra content after the film had been launched.

The upgrade of iTunes Extra come just on time since Apple TV was left a bit behind by its competitor Roku. In the USA, forty-four percent of the households having a streaming media player went for a Roku in 2013. Only twenty-six households used Apple TV. The gap was larger in 2013 than in 2012, when Roku had about 37% of the market while Apple TV has around 24%.

Almost 46% of all streaming media players sold in the USA in 2013, were manufactured by Roku, while only 26% were produced by Apple.

Roku has manages to take the market for various reasons. First of all it is much more affordable than Apple (49 US dollars against the 99 US dollars needed to be spent for Apple TV), then it has the channel strategy known in the business as “all-you-can-eat” meaning that it has channels like Netflix which require a monthly fee. This is quite different for what Apple TV has in store, which only offers its clients per-purchase fee models. Barbara Kraus, director of research of Parks Associates said that high number of channels (around 1700) offered by Roku was by far much more appealing to customers than the Apple offer.

It is possible that Apple’s new interest in films for Apple Television would bring it a larger release.

iPad Air should be covered with SurfacePad

The accessories offer is extremely diverse and every manufacturer is striving to produce something new and original to attract as many clients as possible. Most producers do not focus on a single item but Twelve South has decided to do so. The iPad cases it created can be described with the help of one word only and this word is fantastic.

Seen from the outside the case seems like another piece of Napa leather which can be wrapped around the gadget. At the front there is the logo of the company and a tiny lip round the edge.  At the back there are two rows of sticking in the center. Obviously, there is a cut out for the camera. The SurfacePad is quite slim, it is only 1mm thick and it has the great advantage of not covering up all edges. For some users it might be a bad thing while for others it might be the best thing ever. It is all a matter of taste. The case allows smooth access to all buttons and ports and the device can be recharged without having to take the case off.

An adhesive is used in order to fix the iPad. The awesome thing about it is that it does not leave any traces and if it is peeled of it still preserves its stickiness. It can be taken off and put back again as many times as a user wants. The front cover is equipped with magnets in order to close the cover properly. Although, Apple does amazing things, both its Smart Covers and Cases are tasteless in design. They do not provide a solid base, though they are created to form a stand.

There are no ridges in the model proposed by Twelve South. The company’s design team came up with an idea to create a stand without having the need for ridges. The magnets in the front cover are used in order to solve this problem. There are two magnetic strips under the microfiber lining. Each of the stand positions is reliable; however, practice is needed in order to put the iPad in the balanced position.

The weak point of the SurfacePad is the fact that the front part does not cover perfectly the edge of the iPad. The difference is of about 1 mm, but since the case is made of leather, a material which stretches, the problem can be solved immediately.

The case is not extra protective. Probably the designers have had in mind a person desiring a classier look. The BookBook produced by Twelve South perfectly suits the iPad Air. It fits the gadget like a glove. The product can be purchased from the Twelve South site for the price of 79.99 US dollar or from Amazon for the price of 69 pounds. There are three colours to choose from: white, red and black. There is also a smaller variant for the iPad mini.

Apple Shares Increase before the Launch of Its New Gadgets

The shares of Apple have managed to reach triple digits for the first time since the month of September 2012. This is definitely owed to the excitement created by the approaching launch on the new iPhone 6 and of the wearable which is supposed to have the name of iWatch. The happy event occurred on Tuesday. Towards lunch Apple shares were equal to 100.68 US dollars while towards the evening they were equal to 100.54 US dollars.

The analyst Katy Hubberty has advised people to invest in Apple shares while the iPhone 6 is still a craze. She said that analyst did not expect Apple share to increase due to software, hardware or service innovations. In her opinion Apple shares would increase due to the larger screen of the new iPhones. She based her declarations on the AlphaWise survey and various supply chain tests. The analyst also believes that the iPhone shares might reach the price of 120 US dollars in the weeks to come.

iWatch is considered to be an important accelerator of the Apple growth, which will have the ability to expand the margins of the company. The analysts and investors are encouraged by the latest members of the Apple top management team. These additions determined expansions in important domains like digital content, design, retail and sensors.

The iPhone 6, but also the much speculated iWatch are expected to be released on the 9th of September 2014.

Umidificator camera copii o necesitate pentru sanatatea copilului dvs

A venit toamna si se apropie cu pasi repezi si iarna, vremea incepe sa se raceasca, incepem sa punem in functiune caloriferele, dar trebuie sa luati in calcul si faptul ca instalatiile de incalzit pot reduce nivelul de umiditate din camera, ceea ce poate creea un disconfort, iar acesta poate fi inlaturat prin montarea unui umidificator camera. In momentul de fata exista o gama larga de umidificatoare camera copii ce pot fi achizitionate la un pret rezonabil. Un model aparte il reprezinta acest umidificator camera copii care are un design special in forma de animalute (rata,hellokity,porcusor) avand un rezervor mare si anume de 2.8l ceea ce va asigura o functionare indelungata fara reumplere.

Umiditatea optima se situeaza intre valorile de 45% si 55%, sa demonstrat stiintific ca o uimditate de peste 45% reduce semnificativ riscul de gripa sau raceala, in schimb cresterea umiditatii peste 60% faciliteaza dezvoltarea mucegaiului si ciupercilor.

Daca nu detii un astfel de umidificator camera, trebuie sa il cumperi, dar cum poti sti care este cel mai bun umidificator? Sunt mai multe criterii de care trebuie sa tii cont, unul dintre acestea este suprafata camerei in care il veti plasa, deoarece fiecare tip de umidificator poate produce o anumita cantitate de abur, potrivita pentru o anumita suprafata.

Trebuie doar sa fiti atenti la cum corelati cele doua elemente: suprafata camerei si umiditatea denerata de umidificator, de exemplu alegerea unui umidificator cu aer cald pentru o camera de dimensiuni mici, nu va fi tocmai cea mai inteleapta alegere. De asemenea folosirea unui singur umidificator intr-o camera cu suprafta prea mare pentru forta lui de a produce aburi, va face ca acesta sa fie mai putin eficient, si datorita distributiei neuniforme.

Scaune Auto Copii omologate la preturi mici

Poate știți, poate nu, dar din 15 februarie vor intra în vigoare noile reglementări rutiere, ce prevăd, printre altele, obligativitatea folosirii scaunelor auto pentru copii, care au o înălțime mai mică de 135 cm. Legea mai prevede că scaunele auto trebuie să fie omologate. În acest context este și acest material, din care puteți afla unde găsiți scaune auto pentru copii omologate, pe care le puteți comanda online.

De exemplu, puteți alege Scaune Auto Copii DHS 835 Albastru, dacă greutatea copilului este între 0 și 18 kg. Are două nivele de reglare a spătarului și tetiera reglabilă în funcție de înălțimea copilului. Vă poate fi livrat, prin curier rapid, în 24 de ore, împreună cu certificatul de garanție și aveți drept de returnare în 14 zile. Culorile disponibile sunt albastru și roșu, iar produsul îl puteți plăti în numerar, atunci când îl primiți, online cu cardul sau prin ordin de plată. Mai multe detalii găsiți pe site (click pe link-ul anterior sau pe imaginea de mai jos).

S-ar putea ca unii dintre noi să-și spună că nu sunt mari probleme dacă acel scaun pentru copii lipsește din dotarea masinii. Din păcate, nu este deloc așa, putem plăti 400 de lei amendă în cazul în care nu respectăm această prevedere legală. Iată mai jos un extras dintr-un material, pe care l-am găsit aici, pe această temă.

„Codul Rutier a fost modificat si spune ca minorii care au pana la 1 metru si 35 de centimetri inaltime pot fi transportati cu automobilul numai daca sunt asezati in scaune sau pe niste perne speciale. Astfel, Romania se aliniaza legislatiei europene.

In trei saptamani veti plati 400 de lei amenda daca veti transporta copilul cu masina fara sa respectati masurile de siguranta impuse de lege si anume obligativitatea de a avea un scaun auto copii atunci cand calatoriti in masina cu copilasul dvs.

Nu usile blocate va salveaza copilul in cazul unui impact, ci un scaun adaptat pentru micut, cu centuri de siguranta in trei puncte.

Iata ce se petrece in habitaclu atunci cand are loc impactul: copilul este aruncat si izbit de peretii masinii, forta unui parinte, care l-ar strange in brate, nu are efect, iar copilul ar fi aruncat ca un proiectil.

Asa ca legea romaneasca a fost adaptata la cea europeana, pentru ca sa oblige parintii sa-si protejeze copiii. Noul regulament spune ca minorii care au pana 135 de cm inaltime, sa fie pusi intr-un scaun special.”

Și cum trei săptămâni trec repede, folosiți cu încredere, în următoarea perioadă, scaunele auto omologate pentru copii de la bekid.ro, pentru siguranța copiilor voștri și evitarea neplăcerilor provocate de nerespectarea legii.

New Blackberry PGP Encryption Service for BB10

With everything happening in the world these days, it is difficult to tell if everything you do is secure any longer. Some individuals have acknowledged this level of invasion as something that they do not care about, do not need to concern about, or simply cannot do anything to avoid from happening. This should not be the case. No one should involuntarily give up their right to confidentiality. Some people simply cannot allow it due of the sensitive ideas that they work on.

Some federal government agencies have overstepped their bounds in the eyes of numerous individuals, by overreaching in their scope of how much they are going in obtaining data. The one thing that has not been known is that government agencies may be stepping on the toes of other agencies, either government or non-government, who really last by secrecy. Not everybody knows what others is doing, nor should they in an ideal world. Barriers must be held in place in specific situations.

Android and iPhones have proven to be unreliable when considering to encryption email and data security. These popular devices have been fairly limited to the level of toys when it comes to industrial or professional grade protection against espionage at any level. No one knows where the compromise starts and comes to an end with these systems whose very hardware was born with the concept of giving access to those who demanded it from certain levels.

This is false with the Blackberry pgp encrypted phone. It does not appear to be the concerted target of any known or unidentified organizations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still needs strong security at the software level. This is where PGP encryption software come. Using this carefully developed and personalized solution, people using Blackberry pgp phones with the pgp encryption software properly setup and configured can have assurance again that their information is not available to anybody except the intended targets.

This is a massive advantage, and a relief to the business and private sector. Being able to shut out spying eyes and nosy ears is a advantage. Now, it’s an inexpensive instrument that is available through only a select people. At the moment, the best choice of this technology is a company called TopPGP.com. They make their product accessible directly from their website. They are delivering worldwide blackberry pgp encryption phones since 2004. This is a extremely reliable and trusted organization in the pgp encryption software world.

Currently, it appears possible to take back your world, and submit and receive very sensitive confidential information. Naturally, the government is not happy concerning this. They continue to press for laws against this kind of software, openly acknowledging that they are powerless against it. What comes around goes around. In this world, you reap what you sew. Some would say that it is Karma. And others, like TopPGP, would say care about your own business!

New Unofficial iPhone 6 Pictures- The Gadget is Ready to Hit the Market

As the month of September approaches rumors and leaked information about iPhone 6 are invading the offline and the online media. Some new unofficial photos present the iPone 6 unboxed and ready to hit the stores.

Unfortunately, the photos cannot be checked for authenticity. However, they seem to be more real than many leak pictures of the so much awaited iPhone 6. These new photos show not only the smart phone but its packaging as well. If these pictures are to be believed the gadget is ready to be put on the shelves. It seems that in terms of design the iPhone 6 is not very different from its predecessors. But, as we all know there will be two versions: the smaller one having a screen of 4.7 inch and the bigger one having a screen of 5.5 inch.

These new pictures have been offered by the website called Techradar, specialized in technology and gadgets. The people working for the site claim that they had received the images from a beta tester working for Apple.

It can be seen from the pictures that the phone is much slimmer and that it has the features presented in some other previous leaks. The technology website quoted above claims that the images comes from a fresh source. However, they are leaks and cannot be trusted 100%. One if the close-up presents various applications functioning on iPhone 6. However, there is no image of the so much talked about Health package.

Xiaomi Smart Gadgets to Reach the Stores by Indian Holidays

Xiaomi, the top Chinese smart phone producer has made public the official date of the release of its top products on the Indian market. Hugo Barra, the vice-president of the global operation division for Xiaomi has declared that the Xiaomi Mi 4 and the Mi Pad will probably reach the Indian shops by the end of 2014.

The Vice-President has also said that Redmi Note and the Redmi 1 S which were launched in July are going to be present in the Indian shops in just a few weeks. The Xiaomi gadgets will definitely be available for the Indian public by Diwali and end of the year celebrations.

The customers were informed of the Redmi 1 S and Redmi Note prices on the 22nd of July 2014. However, the Chinese company did not disclose any information about the release date. This fresh news about the Xiaomi products reaching the store in just a few weeks it comes as relieve for fans eagerly awaiting the very price-friendly gadgets.

The fourth flash like sale of Xiaomi’s Mi3 will begin on the 12th of August 2014. The Indian buyers have been extremely pleased with the gadget. The Chinese company was a bit overwhelmed by the huge demand and by the people frustrated of not being able to purchase the phone they longed for. The company has decided to launch on the Indian market around 20,000 units. This figure exceeds the initial dispatch with more than 5,000 units.

The Xiaomi Mi3 is an affordable gadget having the tag price of ₹13,999. It has a full HD display with a surface of 5 inch. The processor is of the Snapdragon CPU type, having a power equal to 2.3 gigahertz. The operating system is the famous Android KitKat, the 4.4.2 version. The screen is covered in Gorilla Glass and the resolution is equal to 440 ppi. It has a frame made of aluminium and lots of other features that make it highly appealing to customers. Its RAM equals to three gigabytes. The smart phone has a storage capacity ranging from 16 to 64 gigabytes. The battery is of the Li-Ion Polymer type having a power equal to 3,080 mAh. More important the phone does not feel like a brick in the user’s pocket or purse, since it has a weight equal to 149 grams.

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S has a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 1280×720 p. Its screen is made of Gorilla Glass as well. It functions on the Android Jelly Bean, the 4.3 version. The processor is of the Snapdragon type while its random access memory is equal to one gigabyte. The storage capacity varies between 8 and 64 gigabytes. It has dual-SIM slots and Bluetooth, the 4.0 version. It also has the affordable price of ₹ 6,999.

The other Chinese smart gadget to reach the Indian market is the Xiaomi Redmi Note. This device has a screen equal to 5.5 inch and a HD resolution equal to 1280×720 p. The operating system it functions on is the Android Jelly Bean the 4.2 version. The storage capacity varies is of 8 gigabytes and it can expand up to 32 gigabytes. The phone comes equipped with main and a front camera. The gadget also has micro USB, the 2.0 version, dual-SIM slots and GPRS. It has a weight equal to 199 grams and it can be purchased for the price of ₹9,999.

The Government asks for More User Data claims Twitter

The social network, Twitter, has announced that the requests referring to user’s data and information grew a lot during the past six months. More and more states are asking information about the users of social networks.

However, the government of the United States of America is the most interested in this kind of information since almost half of the Twitter requests came from it. Usually the requests came when there was some sort of a criminal investigation going one. In order to get non-public information about various users the law representatives must obtain a court order or a subpoena. Direct messages as well as non-public tweets can be obtained only by means of a search warrant.

The report has been made public without the requests concerning the national security of various countries. Twitters as well as other Internet based companies are not allowed to disclose requests as such. All these companies have tried to obtain the right to publish more data on the orders referring to national security.

Twitter said that it had got 2,058 requests from more than fifty-four states during the first half of 2014. It has also received requests from eight states that had never asked for such information before. The social network does not fulfill all the requests. Thus, Twitter has honored only fifty-two percent of the requests coming from various states throughout the world and seventy-tow per cent of the requests coming from the US authorities.

In the second half of 2013 the short messaging service was confronted with no more than 1,410 requests. It has to be pointed out that the vast majority of Twitter users live outside the US borders.

Twitter received requests concerning account information but also 432 requests to erase various types of content. The network has also received more copyright notices. These increased with thirty-eight percent in comparison with the second half of 2013. In that period Twitter registered around 9,199 copyright notices.

Companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft have also made public similar reports.