The electronic company has decided to present its case to higher powers in an attempt to change the verdict that gives advantage to the Zhizhen Technology located in Shanghai. Reports point out that the world famous electronic company has lost its patent case of Siri on the Chinese territory. The company known as Zhizhen Internet Technology has managed to win the patent infringement law suit over Apple. The First Intermediate Court of Beijing decided that Siri, one of the many virtual personal assistants employed by Apple, was actually infringing a patent of speech recognition belonging to Zhizhen. In 2012, Zhizhen took Apple into court, claiming that Siri that was used with iPhones was severely violating the voice recognition technology belonging to Zhizhen. Siri permits users to ask various questions to a virtual personal assistant which in its turn gives the desired answers. The patent is not so much about how Siri functions but about the method employed to recognize and analyse a person’s voice. Apple claimed in a statement for Reuters that it had no idea about the patent belonging to Zhizhen before the company actually took legal actions. Apple declared that it did not consider that its employed technology infringed the Zhizhen intellectual property. Apple said that it wanted to take all the matter further but at the same time it did not dismiss the possibility settle down an out of the court arrangement with Zhizhen. Siri is not at its first appearance in front of the judges. Thus, Apple had serious issues over the technology used on Siri with some other companies and organizations like Samsung and a Taiwanese university. But up till now Siri has not been forbidden to function.  Read More →

Every week, there are many gossipy tidbits, reports as well as patent filings which indicate what is leaving Cupertino next. Some are genuine, yet others are completely fake. As usual we have managed to pars the bits of gossip, positioning them from “totally absurd” to “obviously.” Fake Rumor: iPhone Air will be launched on September 25th The end of the month of September and the beginning of the month of October is expected to be the period of time when Apple is going to launch on the market its new product. As indicated by a report, September the 25th appears to be the date the following iPhone could be dispatched to stores following a September the 15th declaration. This appears doubtful as Apple normally dispatches items on a Friday while the 25th falls on Thursday this year. It seems that the bigger 5.5-inch version is going to be named “iPhone Air”. Calling the bigger version the Air would definitely separate it from the “general” iPhone 6. Fake Rumor: the Mockups can offer an approximation of the design characteristic for the iPhone 6 A report coming from Japan claims that the most recent mockups can give a harsh approximation of what the following iPhone ought to look like. All the more vitally, they apparently offer a superior feeling of the antenna location in this new telephone. What are the purposes of the stripes on the back of the new iPhones? Those evidently should not be stripes, but instead they indicate zones where glass will be utilized rather than aluminum, much the same as in the iPhone 5 S. In the event that the stripes are really present, they will be made of extremely polished glass. This type of glass is absolutely necessary for the iPhone’s reception apparatuses to transmit and accept information. Glass was preferred because aluminum hinders all signals. This report likewise claims the world famous Apple logo on the back of the iPhone will be a bit changed, cut out of aluminum, and the glass might be bent. A craftsman gave his version of the iPhone 6 looks in an offhand photograph set of mockups. Possibile: the photos taken with the iPhone 6 will have a front glass appear Truly exact the electronic giant leaker Sonny Dickson has managed to send to 9to5mac a series photographs of presumable glass plate of the following iPhone. The glass plates in the photos are the white and black alternatives of the famous 4.7-inch model. As far as these pictures go, the future iPhone will be somewhat more... (more...)

In the attempt to charm its financial gurus and demonstrate that it is equipped for producing advertisement income, Twitter has been testing new aspects that could provide it with a better income. A gimmick we have been hearing for a long is the ‘Buy Now’ amazing button straightforwardly installed into a tweet. A two month old Wall Street Journal report had said that the micro-blogging website was trying various promotion sorts including “shoppable” Twitter advertisements. Presently, Re/Code has detected a few tweets that have been implanted with the help of the “Purchase Now” new button that redirected clients to the Fancy shopping site. For the time being the button can be found on the portable application, but not on the UI web. A “Buy Now” new button inserted inside the tweet could mean that clients would be straightforwardly rerouted to the organization’s store or they could turn into potential regular Twitter buyers, if the organization has the right implicit devices installed. Despite the fact that we would like the last, the first choice has more chances to come true. This appears to be a greatly required move for Twitter to support its income, since brands could utilize the stage for more than simply making themselves aware for the public at large. As it has been pointed out by Mashable, “Adding buying functionalities to Timeline would appear to be a clear win for Twitter. Clients are acquainted with both ads and pictures at this point, so the expansion of a “Buy Now” would not be exceptionally troublesome. It would bring new income streams for Twitter and some of its brand clients.” A button as such might determine clients to linger on the Twitter platform for a more extended period. The button is going to add Twitter as well since it will definitely boost social media shopping. The sites created for communicating online are known to play an indispensable part in increasing the local e-trade business sector. ‘Twitter Commerce’ as it has been named could further support it. In the past we have seen a few brands collaborate with sites having a social aspect in order to make people aware or promote their items. Recently, we have run over the new peculiarity called #AmazonCart that permits clients to add Amazon items to their shopping cart without needing to leave Twitter. However, that does not mean that clients could buy items by means of Twitter. The characteristic just saves it into your account... (more...)