A New Name for the Samsung Application Sore-Galaxy Apps

Samsung has decided that the time has come to bring something new for its clients. Thus, it rebranded its applications store and decided to make the switch from Samsung Apps to the more glamorous Galaxy App.

Samsung has brought in not only a new interface and name but also countless new applications that run only on mobile gadgets wearing the Samsung Galaxy touch. These have been categorized by the company in Best Picks, For Galaxy, Top and some others.

The category named “For Galaxy” is divided in four parts which offer the user several applications such as: Galaxy Specials, Applications for Professionals, Galaxy Gifts as well as Galaxy Essentials. The Specials have been made to be used mainly with Samsung SDKs.

The electronic company stated that the whole purpose of the Galaxy Apps is to provide the users with several options to customize the mobile gadgets they have in their possession. Moreover, they want to make a platform for making public their special promotions as well as deals.

This rebranding movement might diminish quite a bit the market sector that now belongs to Google Play. This might also be due to the fact that Samsung produces lots of Android gadgets that are very popular among users worldwide. In spite their cooperation in various domains, there is always room for some more cooperation in the world of hi-technology.

The new Samsung store, the Galaxy App, is going to start its activity on the 10th of July and soon it is going to be available to customers all over the globe.

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