Apple Shares Increase before the Launch of Its New Gadgets

The shares of Apple have managed to reach triple digits for the first time since the month of September 2012. This is definitely owed to the excitement created by the approaching launch on the new iPhone 6 and of the wearable which is supposed to have the name of iWatch. The happy event occurred on Tuesday. Towards lunch Apple shares were equal to 100.68 US dollars while towards the evening they were equal to 100.54 US dollars.

The analyst Katy Hubberty has advised people to invest in Apple shares while the iPhone 6 is still a craze. She said that analyst did not expect Apple share to increase due to software, hardware or service innovations. In her opinion Apple shares would increase due to the larger screen of the new iPhones. She based her declarations on the AlphaWise survey and various supply chain tests. The analyst also believes that the iPhone shares might reach the price of 120 US dollars in the weeks to come.

iWatch is considered to be an important accelerator of the Apple growth, which will have the ability to expand the margins of the company. The analysts and investors are encouraged by the latest members of the Apple top management team. These additions determined expansions in important domains like digital content, design, retail and sensors.

The iPhone 6, but also the much speculated iWatch are expected to be released on the 9th of September 2014.

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