Blockbuster “Snowpiercer” on Apple TV

If you are not already an Apple TV viewer you have now plenty of reasons to just love it. This is due to the fact that Apple TV has been upgraded with cloud delivered extras which make all the process of seeing a film much more interesting. Thus, viewers gain access to behind the scene shots and interviews of the cast members.

This is all the better since a new, much awaited and talked about production has just been released. Yes, we are talking about Snowpiercer. Caludia Puig has described the movie as being a very ambitious yet stylish science fiction epic. For the time being the film is in the middle of a quite limited US launch, but soon sci-fi fans will be able to buy the video version.

Snowpiercer was co-written and directed by Bong Joon-Ho, the South Korean director who put his finger print on Mother and The Host as well. The film is in fact an apocalyptic story (quite a fashionable theme these days) about the last survivors of the human race who are actually living on a train called the Snowpiercer, which moves around the globe but never stops.

The digital launch implies that this new Hollywood end-of-the-world drama would be available on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play as well as on Xbox and the Sony PlayStation. It will cost up to 6 US dollars to rent the video and up to 15 US dollars to buy it. The TV subscribers can enjoy the film on cable as well as on the satellite system.

Nonetheless, Apples really hopes that film fans will buy the high definition alternative of Snowpiercer which costs about 14.99 US dollars. This version is available on Apple TV since ii has some exclusive additional content, such as the interview with the number one star Chris Evans, and some other short videos related to the movie. The Apple offer also includes the film concept art.

The extras will definitely not bore the audience and they are by far shorter than people usually expect from a Blu-Ray Disc type launch. However, film enthusiasts love every single bit of extra content added to the film itself. Caroline McKenzie the marketing director of radius TWC, the company distributing the film, said that the launched had coincided extremely well with Snowpiercer because TWC was releasing in their platform at a time when the extras were brought forward.

The Apple upgrades for iTunes Extras allow film studios to add some new content to the actual film. McKenzie claims that there would be even more extras as the Blu-Ray release gets closer. She said it was in fact an extraordinary thing since Blu-rays and DVDS were put on the market as a fixed object. She added that viewers might really be delighted by the possibility to have some extra content after the film had been launched.

The upgrade of iTunes Extra come just on time since Apple TV was left a bit behind by its competitor Roku. In the USA, forty-four percent of the households having a streaming media player went for a Roku in 2013. Only twenty-six households used Apple TV. The gap was larger in 2013 than in 2012, when Roku had about 37% of the market while Apple TV has around 24%.

Almost 46% of all streaming media players sold in the USA in 2013, were manufactured by Roku, while only 26% were produced by Apple.

Roku has manages to take the market for various reasons. First of all it is much more affordable than Apple (49 US dollars against the 99 US dollars needed to be spent for Apple TV), then it has the channel strategy known in the business as “all-you-can-eat” meaning that it has channels like Netflix which require a monthly fee. This is quite different for what Apple TV has in store, which only offers its clients per-purchase fee models. Barbara Kraus, director of research of Parks Associates said that high number of channels (around 1700) offered by Roku was by far much more appealing to customers than the Apple offer.

It is possible that Apple’s new interest in films for Apple Television would bring it a larger release.

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