iPad Air should be covered with SurfacePad

The accessories offer is extremely diverse and every manufacturer is striving to produce something new and original to attract as many clients as possible. Most producers do not focus on a single item but Twelve South has decided to do so. The iPad cases it created can be described with the help of one word only and this word is fantastic.

Seen from the outside the case seems like another piece of Napa leather which can be wrapped around the gadget. At the front there is the logo of the company and a tiny lip round the edge.  At the back there are two rows of sticking in the center. Obviously, there is a cut out for the camera. The SurfacePad is quite slim, it is only 1mm thick and it has the great advantage of not covering up all edges. For some users it might be a bad thing while for others it might be the best thing ever. It is all a matter of taste. The case allows smooth access to all buttons and ports and the device can be recharged without having to take the case off.

An adhesive is used in order to fix the iPad. The awesome thing about it is that it does not leave any traces and if it is peeled of it still preserves its stickiness. It can be taken off and put back again as many times as a user wants. The front cover is equipped with magnets in order to close the cover properly. Although, Apple does amazing things, both its Smart Covers and Cases are tasteless in design. They do not provide a solid base, though they are created to form a stand.

There are no ridges in the model proposed by Twelve South. The company’s design team came up with an idea to create a stand without having the need for ridges. The magnets in the front cover are used in order to solve this problem. There are two magnetic strips under the microfiber lining. Each of the stand positions is reliable; however, practice is needed in order to put the iPad in the balanced position.

The weak point of the SurfacePad is the fact that the front part does not cover perfectly the edge of the iPad. The difference is of about 1 mm, but since the case is made of leather, a material which stretches, the problem can be solved immediately.

The case is not extra protective. Probably the designers have had in mind a person desiring a classier look. The BookBook produced by Twelve South perfectly suits the iPad Air. It fits the gadget like a glove. The product can be purchased from the Twelve South site for the price of 79.99 US dollar or from Amazon for the price of 69 pounds. There are three colours to choose from: white, red and black. There is also a smaller variant for the iPad mini.

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