New Unofficial iPhone 6 Pictures- The Gadget is Ready to Hit the Market

As the month of September approaches rumors and leaked information about iPhone 6 are invading the offline and the online media. Some new unofficial photos present the iPone 6 unboxed and ready to hit the stores.

Unfortunately, the photos cannot be checked for authenticity. However, they seem to be more real than many leak pictures of the so much awaited iPhone 6. These new photos show not only the smart phone but its packaging as well. If these pictures are to be believed the gadget is ready to be put on the shelves. It seems that in terms of design the iPhone 6 is not very different from its predecessors. But, as we all know there will be two versions: the smaller one having a screen of 4.7 inch and the bigger one having a screen of 5.5 inch.

These new pictures have been offered by the website called Techradar, specialized in technology and gadgets. The people working for the site claim that they had received the images from a beta tester working for Apple.

It can be seen from the pictures that the phone is much slimmer and that it has the features presented in some other previous leaks. The technology website quoted above claims that the images comes from a fresh source. However, they are leaks and cannot be trusted 100%. One if the close-up presents various applications functioning on iPhone 6. However, there is no image of the so much talked about Health package.

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